Monday, March 5, 2012

Blogrolling XVII -- Plus!

A recap of our trip to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago is here.

The photo of NJ on the TODAY blog may be my favorite of her ever. Here are some more good shots.

Please tell me we aren't eating these fish later for dinner.

The kid did not want for opportunities to pick stuff up off the beach.

What's prettier, my girls or my legs? Wait, don't answer that -- I don't want you to offend NJ and The Wife.

Can't this clown see I'm trying to eat?

Mommy, I think the beached whale behind me just tooted!

Enjoying a sunset.

I need some cucumber slices for my eyes.

We thought about burying NJ up to her neck and sneaking off for a while, but a plan never materialized.

I heard Dad muttering that he could really get used to this, and I gotta say ... I agree.

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