Monday, June 14, 2010

Monster's Ball

NJ has developed a deep, irrational fear of this rubber ball.

Last week we played and played with it. I'd roll it to her, she'd reach out and corral it and bring it in and then beat on it like a drum to celebrate the successful transaction.

Photograph taken at undisclosed location (the garage) so's to not upset the child.
Last night, The Wife and I broke out the ball again, and the reaction was much different -- shrieking and crying. She acted like she was afraid of it. Same today -- I produced it and NJ immediately whined. When I rolled it to her, she leaned over and grabbed it, pulled it close and beat on it again. Crying the whole time. I rolled it one more time, and the crying intensified. She caught it, and when I went to retrieve it she was actually trembling. So: Ball play is over.

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  1. Well, that's ruint her.
    --Mike in Katy