Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mouthy Little Kid

A partial list of things that have found their way into NJ's piehole lately:
  • Black olives (off Dad Solo's slice at Zeek's for lunch yesterday -- yum)
  • Dog hair (straight off Willie the Lab's back -- yech)
  • Tooth No. 2
  • Blades of grass (Dad Solo likes to pluck a blade and tickle NJ's nose and ears with it; she puts a stop to that by grabbing it away and trying to eat it)
  • Small flowers (can't play outdoors without trying to eat a little vegetation)
  • Small leaves (they get tracked into the basement on our shoes)
  • Sippy cups (NJ's very adept with these, but doesn't get it right 100 percent of the time)
  • Dad Solo's electric toothbrush (Good times. Good times.)
Gaping maw? I'll show you a gaping maw!

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