Friday, September 3, 2010

Day Care Confidential

A recap of NJ's first week of day care:

Day 1: The Wife checked everything out thoroughly at the center and, reluctantly, left for work. She told the teachers that NJ's proposed breakfast snack of Frosted Mini-Wheats was a tricky endeavor for a kid with only two teeth, so NJ ate cheese instead. NJ then made a beeline to a set of blocks in a corner and immediately took an interest in a new friend, barely noticing The Wife's departure. When The Wife returned to pick her up, though, NJ cried when she saw her ("Oh yeah, that's right -- my parents! I was so excited about the toys and children I completely forgot that they abandoned me!"). She only slept for 30 minutes that day, approximately one-fourth of her usual naptime.

Day 2: Just like the day before, NJ got her hands washed first thing. Unlike the day before, though, this made NJ cry. Raw broccoli and Wheat Thins for breakfast snack: Again, not good for the tooth-deprived, so some soft bread was procured. Play time wasn't as good, either. Two older girls -- awful, selfish, mean girls -- were grabby and wouldn't let her have any blocks. NJ waved goodbye to The Wife when she left, then crawled off to find some nicer friends. There were no tears at the afternoon pick-up. NJ slept an hour this time. And like the first day, she wouldn't take a bottle and was very hungry when she got home.

Day 3: There was no Day 3. The Wife stayed home with NJ. They went to a park and to the beach in Ballard while I slaved away here in the basement office.

The notes the day care folks send home with NJ were glowing both days, but they were so happy-happy-joy-joy I semi-question their accuracy. Still, no worries. NJ has a little bruise on her leg that probably came from getting jostled or falling onto a toy or something. By the time she's old enough to read she'll have forgotten all about her first day care experiences, I'm sure. But if she could read this now, and talk, she'd no doubt say something along the lines of "Why were you two so anxious about this? It's cake."


  1. yay! daycare victory!

    also, thank you for not linking to me when writing "awful, selfish, mean girls."

  2. You've got a ways to go before you match the Alaska Disasta on that front.