Sunday, November 21, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want ...

... but if you try some time, you just might find that you get something else you want.*

We broke out the camcorder yesterday to get some footage of NJ's fast-developing walking skills. Lately she's trucked completely across the kitchen and has made several multi-step journeys to one parent or another -- these usually end with her plopping into said parent's lap, giggling. Of course, with the camera rolling, the last thing NJ wanted to do was walk. But we got some other footage that's pretty watchable, too.

Here you'll see the budding genius's anatomy lesson, followed by a quick demonstration of her telephone know-how:

Paging Dr. NJ, paging Dr. NJ ... please pick up the purple courtesy phone ...

And here, in her room, NJ shows off two of her latest hobbies -- grabbing every article of clothing within reach and putting it on her head, and tossing her adoring parents multiple hugging-and-kissing bones:

Awwwww ...

*Apologies to Mick and Keith


  1. Livy spent a lot of last night insisting that we put a kitchen towel over her head as she went about her very important toddler business. She clearly learned this from NJ yesterday at our playdate. We tried HARD not to call it a burka and failed miserably.

  2. Is that why I had to pick a half-dozen bibs off the basement floor yesterday?

    Clearly, Livy thought I was nearby and was trying to hide.