Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas, Baby

The 'J' in 'NJ' stood for jolly this holiday season. To wit:

My suggestion to you is that we commence with this festive gathering forthwith!
Mommy's sister gave me a drum! That makes two -- I'm that much closer to the sprawling uber-kit I've been dreaming of.

Of course, the box works pretty well, too, if you want some funky Tom Waits-style percussion.
Oh yes, this'll do nicely. If the drum doesn't wake Daddy up, this bad boy will.
A tee-pee, huh? How do you shut the door on this thing? I need some privacy.
I know it's not a hat, Mommy. That's why it's funny! Sheesh.
No, Mommy, YOU come HERE.
Time to unwind with some light reading.
But first, more drum work. Daddy, can you spot me while i climb up here Moon-style and trash the place? Thanks much.
Not pictured: NJ devouring Christmas chocolate. This kid loves her some chocolate; she only has eight teeth to this point, but apparently they're all sweet teeth.

If you don't see NJ enjoying a gift you sent her in these photos, don't despair. If you can measure that sort of thing by how widely they are spread throughout the house, she's enjoying every single thing she got. And if you didn't give her anything ... well, what's your problem, anyway?

Oh, not really! I've got too much stuff as it is. Seriously -- this place is a mess.

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