Thursday, March 24, 2011

Socks Appeal*

*I know, I know: Lame. Saw-wee ... OK?

Big doin's here last evening, when I took my socks off in my office! (My home office, where it's allowed and normal and perfectly OK to take off socks.) It didn't take long for NJ, who shut us in the office together by pulling the toddler gate closed, to grab one, exclaim "Peee-yew!" and hold her nose. (I wonder what The Wife has been telling her ...) We played at that for a few moments, then she laid down on the floor for a few moments of deep thought.

There's no ennui like toddler ennui.
Eventually she decided she wanted to emulate her beloved father's bare-footedness.

Later on, the kid was honest enough to acknowledge that her socks, too, harbored a rather unsavory odor.
Guess what, though? NJ's goal wasn't bare feet. I turned to my computer for a few seconds, and when I turned back to her, she was trying to pull one of my socks onto her tiny little foot. I helped her, and she laughed her fanny off so we did the other one. Then, I laughed my fanny off. She had a little Nancy Sinatra go-go boots action going, with my socks pulled up to her hips. For the finishing touch, we put her socks back on, over mine. The result was splendiferous!

Check it out -- four socks at once. Isn't it just the craziest thing ever?
Coming soon to a runway near you. When is the next Fashion Week, anyway?

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