Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Hard Out Here For A Toddler

NJ's been taking a pounding lately.

Yesterday she came home from day care with an accident report describing a trip-and-fall into a cabinet. She also brought home this forehead shiner:

Photo intentionally blurred to project a disconcerting sense of movement, in an effort to fully capture the essence of an NJ bath.
She and I played downstairs, and as she stewed wooden carrots in a wooden pot I groaned and said, "Daddy's got to lay down on the flat floor for a minute. My back hurts." NJ's face showed surprise, then she got serious as she pushed her hair out of the way and showed me her bruise. "I hurt my head! It hurt!" she exclaimed. I think she was a little excited to have something like that in common with me.

Then, as I was testing our new camera today, I snapped this shot and saw those shins. Let's count the bruises, shall we?

Hey, these graphics are a little crude, so tell you what: No charge for the graphics. You get them free, absolutely no cost to you at all.
She's a durable little thing, that's for sure.


  1. 1. I am either going to design a baby bottle or a tampon with "Hustle and Flow" technology. Maybe both.
    2. The bath shot reminds me of Jaws.
    3. DANG, you got a cute kid!

  2. My son is 2.5, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that every day he comes home with a new bruise on his legs from daycare. I can complete understand why. The boy CAN'T keep still. He is always moving, jumping, running and anything else that will propel him around.

    I was the same way, so I guess I can't be too worried.