Sunday, December 11, 2011

NJ Takes A Meeting

NJ was looking forward to meeting Santa Claus at a Christmas party last night -- we talked about it on the drive over to our friends' house. Once we got there, though, Bashful and Shy took over and the kid wouldn't leave her mother.

We went on with our party business, and at one point NJ and I were in our hosts' son's room with some other kids, playing with his train set, when I said "Hey NJ, are you ready to tell Santa what you want for Christmas now?" "Yeah," she replied, and she walked out of the bedroom and around the corner to Santa's area. When I caught up she was standing in front of him, then she climbed up. She didn't say anything to him (and she didn't have any requests for him anyway), but she spent a few minutes with him and managed to smile some, too (not pictured).

This guy ain't fitting down our chimney, Daddy ...

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