Sunday, December 27, 2009

Let's Do It Again

My parents were here last week, so Dad Solo wasn't so solo. In fact, I got to sleep in every day while my mother handled NJ after The Wife went to work, came and went as I pleased, and often handed off a cranky baby and just left the room for a while. And sometimes I practically had to wrestle NJ away from my mother; she's quite smitten with her granddaughter. My parents went home today after a nice Christmas holiday (NJ's new toys are strewn about the living room), so I take over again tomorrow. The two-day run a few days ago went so well, I'm sitting here Sunday night with a short, neat Talisker at my elbow thinking that things can only go downhill from here. I'm probably wrong about that: I was wrong a couple of weeks ago when I braced for disaster. But one thing I've learned from being a sports fan is that pessimists have more to savor when things go well. An ass-backwards way to live life, perhaps. It works for me, though.

Also, here's some video evidence of NJ laughing and smiling. You're probably thinking that a mere three days after I took to the Internet to declare her camera-shy, she indignantly set out to prove me wrong. Not necessarily so: The Wife got her to laughing up a little storm, and I surreptitiously leaned over the coffee table and captured the moment with my iPhone. A hidden camera trick that worked.

A happy NJ absolutely slays me.


  1. Great video, love the baby laugh! Technical question, how do you capture video with your iPhone, is it an app? I just got a new iPhone for Christmas and am trying to learn all the ropes!


  2. Melba,
    On my iPhone I hit the camera app and on the right side of the bar at the bottom there's a slide thingie that you can set to either camera or video. The default is camera, so slide it over to the video icon and then press the button like you would taking a photo. It's super-handy and compatible with YouTube.