Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't Oppose The Opposable

Sometime in the past couple of weeks, NJ discovered her thumb and its almost perfect fit in her mouth. And it's been an absolute delight. It's been at least a week since she woke up from a nap and cried; now, when I check on her, if I see her head is raised off the swing I walk around and find her happily sucking on her hand's fifth digit. Same with crib naps -- I'll hear her stirring on the monitor and get ready to burst into her room and save the day, but the crying doesn't come. Instead of bawling, she jibbers and jabbers and works the thumb. This can go on for quite a while, buying Dad Solo precious time to finish an episode of quality television programming or browse the online iPhone app store.

NJ's got the open-hand, fanned-fingers thumb suck down pat, choosing that over the traditional fist. Also, in something I hope is a harbinger of things to come, she uses her left hand. Hendrix, the Babe, McCartney, Ben Franklin, Obama, Koufax, Judy Garland, Robert Plant, Eudora Welty, Dad Solo, da Vinci, Letterman -- the list of great Lefties goes on and on. Even Wink Martindale!

I originally wanted a boy, as The Wife will tell you, but the instant I found out that wasn't happening, the idea of having a daughter became the most beautiful thing I could imagine and I haven't even thought about looking back. But left-handed, like her dad? Yeah. I want this.

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