Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The World's Most Underrated Dad Milestone

Yesterday, for the first time, I spent the larger part of a flight layover shopping for a gift for my kid. I was in the Albuquerque airport. I used to smirk at those guys -- they're easy to spot -- but yesterday I was one of them. And not minding it too much.

I was thisclose to resigning myself to coming home empty-handed because all I saw were gaudy pink t-shirts with "Somebody Loves Me in New Mexico" or some such thing written on them in glitter. But I found an artsy-fartsy shop full of artisan goods from Santa Fe, and now NJ is cuddling with this:

Thanks to an off-hand joke I made last night that cracked up The Wife, this horse is unfortunately named Brambles. Sorry about that, horse.

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