Sunday, April 18, 2010

Potentially Regrettable Baby Milestone: Baby's First Fried Food

The Barking Dog Alehouse on 70th Street is a great place. Good food, an impressive beer list, a very impressive single-malt selection, and never too crowded (I'm sure that'll change now that my legions of followers are reading this). And today, it was the scene of NJ's first foray into the wild, wacky, delicious world of fried foods. The Dog serves tasty waffle-cut fries with its burgers and sandwiches, and as the chips that you find commonly paired with (fried) fish. Today, The Wife got a burger and I got the F&C, so there were plenty of available waffle fries. And NJ availed herself of them.

Yes, give me a taste of that bad boy.

Hmmm ... not bad. Not bad at all. Pardon me while I spread this across my face.
Waitress? Can we please get another pile of these things? Now?
Yeah, salty and savory are taste sensations my young palate is going to have to get used to. But I'll get there, don't you worry.
We also gave her bits of burger and fish, but they only got lost in her lap or dropped to the floor. The waffle fries, she hung on to those. The solid food revolution continues apace.

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