Sunday, April 4, 2010

Food Revolution

Sure, you're having a hard time getting me to eat vegetables, but I can't get enough of sweet, delicious fruits like this applesauce. Look at how I've cleaned out this bowl. I'll be needing something new and different for my next meal. What else ya got?

Is that one of those quick-dissolving rice cracker thingies? Fork it over! (And I say 'fork' ironically, Mommy and Daddy, because it's finger food. No utensils needed. Get it? Sheesh -- tough room.)

Oh. Oh my. Uh, are you sure this is right? I'm supposed to be eating this, consuming it? And not, say, lining the inside of my shoes with it? Huh.

OK, I'll just jump right in with both feet then, even though I'd feel safer jumping if my feet were protected by a shoe liner made out of this. Here goes nothin'.

I'm still not sold on the taste of rice cracker -- unless it's not supposed to have any taste at all, in which case I say, 'Bravo, well done.' But just look at all these little pieces. The capacity to make a mess with these things seems limitless, and that's enough to earn the NJ stamp of approval. Good job. Now, make me laugh.


  1. Pirate's Booty (the snack, not what I sit on) has the same quick-dissolving texture as those rice cracker thingies AND flavor. i cut them up into little rounds for Livy and the few times she's managed to get one into her mouth she's grinned like a lunatic.

    Now make NJ laugh.

  2. Her vocabulary is really booming!