Monday, August 16, 2010

McCartney's Beatles Songs For $600, Alex

NJ's "Birthday" was "Yesterday" (see what I did there?) and only a bad blog father would let such a momentous milestone pass without mentioning it on the World Wide Interwebs. (Actually, that's what a really bad blog father would do; one who's merely bad, not really bad, waits until the next day. And that's me. Sorry, NJ.)

No party (plenty of time for that later), just the three of us. When we weren't lavishing NJ with attention, The Wife and I spent most of the day looking at the clock and saying things like "This time last year you were asking for an epidural." She got lots of new toys -- including a drum The Wife bought her, a gift I thought you only gave to kids whose parents you don't like -- and marked three fun, if not earth-shattering, milestones.

Balloons: I'm not sure what we spent all told on NJ's birthday bounty, but the likely least expensive item, the balloon bouquet, was her favorite.

Wow, that's even bigger than daddy's head!
Sugar: NJ devoured a banana cupcake with vanilla frosting -- the first concentrated sugar she's ever had. She was a little tentative about it to start, but once she got a taste for The Sweet she grabbed that thing and did not let go.

Sugar, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Bathtub: The night before NJ's birthday ended up being the last night she took a bath in the little blue tub we put in the kitchen sink. Sunday night's cleaning took place in the bathtub, so no more wet baby hands on Dad Solo's coffee grinder. The move had been planned for some time, and for some arbitrary reason we settled on her birthday to make the switch. And, of course, the sink tub would never hold the extensive collection of bath toys she received for her birthday.

Mommy! This is so stinking luxurious I think I may plotz.
So happy birthday, NJ! One down, one hundred or so to go.


  1. Happy first birthday to your little cutie...that milestone-packed first year goes by SO fast!

  2. No kidding! I can't believe how fast the year went.