Sunday, August 22, 2010

Such A Beautiful Face! Why Hide It?

NJ was born a year and a week ago with a full head of hair, and it's been flopping in her face for quite a while now. When we put a barrette in to pin it back her first, second and third instincts are to pull this thing off her head (and usually put it in her mouth). So today she got her first haircut, and she was quite the trooper about the whole thing.

Before ...
... during ...
... and after.
When we left the house I brought a little plastic baggie to collect a nice lock of NJ's hair, but her new hair salon gets lots of First Haircut kids, so they were prepared. We left with a freshly groomed kid, a "first haircut" certificate with a lock of her hair clamped to it, and a small envelope containing even more locks of her formerly flowing mane. She went in looking like a '60s flower child and came out looking like mid-'60s Mia Farrow.

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