Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hallelujah! She's Sick

We got some good news today: NJ has two ear infections -- one for each ear!

Good news? Ear infections are GOOD NEWS? !)@&+%#*&#@, Daddy!
OK, maybe illness isn't good, particularly a double-barreled ear situation. But after a couple of days when I thought she was turning into the Awfullest Toddler Ever, at least now we know what's up with that. She's been wailing at the drop of a hat -- including early in the morning, which today meant that I had to get up a good ten minutes before my alarm was set to go off. (I know ... right?!?) She'd sit in her high chair and scream blue murder; she'd lay on the bed and scream herself crimson. Basically, she used every ominous color at her disposal to let us know about her discomfort.

Originally we thought it was a troublesome tooth coming in, but last night The Wife noticed NJ grabbing at her ear a lot, so she took her in this a.m. and the pediatrician handed down this diagnosis. Now NJ has been properly medicated and is asleep upstairs, The Wife is working from home, and I'm hard at work here in the basement office (or will be as soon as I finish this).


  1. did the doc give you that bubblegum-pink liquid? we went through a lot of that stuff w/ clementine.

  2. Nowadays, ALG, the kids can choose among a half-dozen or so flavorings the pharmacist can add to the medicine.

    Why, in my day, we swallowed the sickly off-cherry flavored stuff...and LIKED it, dammit.

  3. It's pink, but I haven't tasted it. Looks like Pepto Bismol.

  4. @ alittleguitar - i LOVE the name clementine. it might be worth having a second kid just so i can have a darling clementine.

    poor nj! give her smooches from me! and please convey to the mrs. my admiration of her boots.

  5. Christina -- be careful w/ 'clementine.' when she hits middle school she too might decide to go by 'clem.' (i still think it was just because she didnt want to write out a name w/ 10 letters.)