Monday, February 28, 2011

Maybe I'll Just Squint From Now On

I put on my reading glasses yesterday afternoon so I could show the backgammon game on The Wife's iPad who's boss. I noticed that one of the arms was a little wonky, and remembered seeing NJ grab them off the coffee table a couple of times (I bribed her with her Elmo doll or something to get them out of her grubby little mitts). I announced to The Wife my plans to stop leaving the glasses on the coffee table, and she replied that NJ comes into the living room in the morning and immediately goes for the specs:

"She sees them and says 'Daddy!' and rushes over to grab them."

"Really? That's kind of cute."

"Yes, she did that today and then tried to put them on her face. Yesterday morning she tried to wear them around her waist."

"Really?? Aw ... heck."

So now I'm shopping for new reading glasses, because these will be on the coffee table -- I'm not messing with that.

The toddler trap has been baited -- now we wait.
(Although: NJ skipped it this morning -- these kids today with their long hair and short attention spans.)

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