Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Six Months: A Nice, Round Number

Yesterday was NJ's six-month birthday and her parents did nothing at all to commemorate it. We didn't even take a photo to mark the occasion. In fact, despite hitting the half-year mark, NJ didn't get any special attention. Just the usual amount of attention -- which, granted, is enough attention to choke a horse, more attention that you can shake a stick at.

Anyway, since her half-birthday was on a federal holiday, we'll just say that we got the presents and celebrating out of the way early. There's last week's Jumperoo purchase (the contraption has been moved to the basement, and I'm delighted/relieved to say that NJ has actually gotten bored in it a couple of times) as well as a couple of other new toys and books The Wife picked up on a short walk this weekend. (There's a very cool kids' clothes and toy store a mere two blocks away. A blessing and a curse.) We went on several outings, and NJ was fawned over appropriately everywhere. She and Dad Solo even had a giggle-fest at the supermarket, a place where she's usually too wide-eyed to notice her parents at all.

Sorry, kid. Six months is impressive, but you're still not old enough for that.

If we had made a really big deal of things, NJ would have had a candle plopped in the middle of a serving of pureed sweet potato. That's her favorite solid food for the moment, along with rice cereal. Pureed peas and squash? Not so much. Acquired tastes.

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