Monday, February 1, 2010

Super Solo: T -1

The Wife has an overnight business trip planned for Tuesday night. Beginning tomorrow morning, it'll be me and NJ all alone, until Wednesday evening. I'm more sanguine about it than The Wife is, I think. She's not at all looking forward to being apart from NJ for such a long time. I'll be sending lots of photos and fielding lots of calls, I predict.

I had my day away from NJ this past weekend. I woke up just after midnight on Saturday with a pretty nasty stomach virus, and spent all of that day (except about a half hour) in bed, either watching TV, sleeping, or moaning in discomfort (or some combination of the three). A couple of times The Wife brought NJ up the stairs and they waved at me across the bedroom, and I made suction-cup noises that put a smile on NJ's face. (That was about all I had the strength to do.) I missed her, but better that she stay away and (maybe, hoping against hope) not get what I had.

The Wife's separation will be a lot tougher. Years ago, when I had a job that required a lot of travel, I was at a staff meeting in the Bay Area. A colleague had flown in from the East Coast just a couple of months after giving birth to her second child. She was miserable the entire time. I thought: Really? You're going back in a couple of days, the child is in good hands back home, and, well, don't you want a break? Now I get it. The Wife definitely gets it.

Any words of advice for Dad Solo on his first Super Solo adventure?

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  1. if it gets really, really ugly and you've made that short trip to your wits' end, promise that you'll get her a car when she graduates from high school. it will appease her and since she's so young, she'll quickly forget.