Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Then, Things Got Weird

This is a BMW* household. NJ can't make. She hasn't made for days, can't make now, and desperately wants to make. It's ruined the day's routine and prompted lots of straining, unseemly grunting and frequent, short, red-faced crying jags (hers, not mine). After her morning nap we got a bottle and started feeding, as per usual, but she just held the nipple in her mouth for comfort and didn't eat anything for thirty minutes. I put the bottle away for a while, then got it out an hour later and upped the temperature of the milk in hopes that the heat would get things moving. She was famished and gulped it all down pretty quickly, but all it did was knock her out and start her afternoon nap earlier, though.

On the brighter side, NJ's constant assuming of the position has caused one positive side effect: Her first rollovers. Due to her hiking her legs up and rocking, she's rolled over onto her side a couple of times, laid there for a while, then rolled onto her back again. I guess that's a silver lining, right?

(Note to grown-up NJ, or -- worse -- tween NJ, reading this in the future: I'm sorry for discussing this most personal of issues for you on the Internet.)

*bowel movement wanted

UPDATE: Success late this afternoon.

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  1. Ah, the shit we put up with (or lack thereof) for our kids.